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ADW: Lepidoptera: Information

— Pictures, classification.

Alexanor's butterfly home page

— Information on Ukrainian butterflies: List of species with scientific and common names, distribution maps, live photos, statistics, databases.

Amateur entomologist - butterfly collection

— Butterfly and moth specimens for exchange, gif animation, butterfly pictures galleries, entomological expedition in French Guyana, butterfly preservation, other links to butterfly websites.

British Butterflies

— A collection of British butterfly photographs, descriptions, information about the butterfly and its habitat, and more information like that.


— Contains pictures and information about butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Butterflies and Moths

— A website about the biology and ecology of butterflies and moths.

Butterflies and Moths in Kingston

— Diary, butterfly first sightings 2005, moth gallery.

Butterflies and Moths of the Netherlands

— A comprehensive guide to Lepidoptera of the Netherlands.

Butterflies and Moths of the World

— A database of generic names and their type-species.

Butterflies and their larval food plants

— Butterflies can be attracted to your garden by providing suitable flowers from which they can obtain nectar...

Sites in Butterflies — 83
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